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Sport and talent is configured as the first specialist company in the detection, recruitment and digital selection of talents for sport. Aimed at players under 22 years of age that you ask yourself, why has not anyone noticed me yet? Do you think you have the ability to stand out in your sports specialty? Are you a physical marvel but do you want good trainer whom improve you technically? Do not you know how to make an agent available? Or simply do you want to have an opportunity? YOUNGTALENT is your program.

If you like challenges, if you are a basketball player under the age of 22, if you want to grow up sportingly, then you are a YOUNGTALENT.Register and make yourself known.

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For players who are over 22 and who have played at least 1 full season at a Development or Semiprofessional league level, or just finished higher education. The PROTALENT candidate ensures that his career will be analyzed by clubs around the world that compete in professional leagues within his specialty.

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