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The first league club in Sweden wants to bring 2 young prospects in which they would invest in that period with the intention of later playing in stronger leagues in Europe. The club has a great infrastructure (one can freely say NBA working conditions) and an excellent location.

Requisitos básicos:
Prospects for position 4 (positions 3 and 5 are also possible) Age of players from 18 to 22 years Responsibility and personal characteristics at a high level! QUALITY PLAYERS at the level can play the first league in Sweden.

Requisitos deseables:

Valores y competencias clave:
First league experience in Europe for 2 years! Contacts with coaches and agents in the rather closed Scandinavian market! Serious professional experience that is very necessary for players to have a career leap! Stable and secure scholarship for a period of 24 months.

Condiciones de contratación:
The club offers players accommodation, food and transportation. The players are obliged to be in the Basketball Hall from 3 pm to 10 pm, where in addition to the training that they had at that time, they would also have a minimum work obligation for which they would receive a scholarship in the amount of about 650 EUR. The contract for both years is 12 months, of which one month is free (the scholarship was also received that month) PLEASE SEND CV AND GAMES TO

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